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Are Record Labels Still Necessary in 2018?

  October 17, 2018  ~    6.29 MB
Are Record Labels Still Necessary in 2018?




Are Record Labels Still Necessary in 2018? - With social media, free and cost-effective music-making software, and video cameras on our cellphones, the floodgates are wide open and pouring out more music every year than we could ever consumer in a lifetime of spare time. It seems easier than ever for rappers, singers, songwriters, DJs, and producers to create, record, release, and promote tunes online and offline—directly to consumers.

But what about those intense musicians that are more than weekend recording artists, and want their passionate hobby to become a career full of fame and fortune? For every question of “Do you still need a record label to be successful?” comes the immediate response of “What can a record label do for you that you can’t do for yourself?” By weighing out the options and analyzing what other well-known rappers have done, we can examine the pros and cons of signing with a record label in 2018.

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